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Creatively Fit

Happy almost New Year!  I’m really excited about 2012- there are so many awesome changes happening in my life, and they mostly stem from this one huge change that I made.  I’m creating full time.

One of the things that helped propel me to make this leap and begin a profession that I should have had all along was my work with Whitney Ferre and Creatively Fit.  Creatively Fit is built on the premise that our creative muscles need and deserved to be exercised as much as our analytic ones: our right and left brains should balance each other.  Our society is so rigidly focused on bottom line and efficiencies we are loosing the ability to be creative.  It makes sense when you think about it.  And when you start to practice exercising your right brain and creativity….wow.  You will be amazed.

Whitney is kicking off 2012 with The Sprit Project.  I highly recommend you check it out. We’ve already been “talking” in the Facebook group and the people that are involved are incredible.  Don’t be fooled either- this isn’t just for painters or “Artists.”  It’s for everyone.