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The problem with using Pinterest to store important information

From See, it’s not just my problem!

I’m working on a book. Said book includes a garden- a beautiful, elaborate back yard garden. I went to a local nursery hoping for a quick interview that would give me a list of possible plants for the garden. Instead, when I arrived I was presented with a list, organized by category (SERIOUSLY!?!?!). It was so above and beyond and phenominal.

Side note- if you’re in the Nashville area, Bates Nursery is so worth the drive north. I live in West Franklin and drive up there for pete’s sake.

Anyway, back to the story. So I took the amazing list, paired it with Google images, and created a board on pinterest with images of each plant to help me while I’m working on the garden passages in the book.

It’s AMAZING. Except that I stopped writing almost 20 minutes ago to check the board because I’m working on a passage where Ashley is leading someone through the garden for the first time. I needed to see the pictures.

But, alas, as happens so often on Pinterest, I got sidetracked. And now I’m writing a blog post about it.   Because there is no better excuse for not getting my writing done than because I was getting other writing done.