Monthly Archives: November 2009

Perfect Evening

A fire, a comfy chair, a glass of hot chocolate. Good music, my daughter snoring and silence from my son's room. I got to write. In my own house. With my family home. Uninterrupted for almost 2 hours. It was a perfect night.

I did close my eyes to try to get a clearer view to describe one of my charecters and fell asleep though. Off to bed now.


Do you ever feel like life is happening to you rather than something you're living? I think the endless hours lost to TV contribute to that feeling, but I also know that completly giving up TV is pretty unrealistic for me. Regardless, I vow right now to start living. More attention and intention, less reaction.

I’ve been away for a while now

Sorry. I’m sure you’ve grown tired of checking to see if I have posted anything new and have just stopped looking. My life has not been the shiniest, happiest place for the last few months and I’ve been in hiding. My first thought was to try to post something every day that made me happy, but that seemed trite and I got too busy. Then, when I really wanted to pour my heart out and say what was going on, I got scared that some of you readers may know me and see me in real life and *gasp* try to actually help me. So I kept my mouth shut (or fingers still, if you will) and just stopped blogging.

But I’m back. I want to be able to share the beauty and encouragement I receive, and I want to share this journey of healing. Because we have to heal, everything has to get better eventually, it can’t stay like this forever.