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Recapping 2009 and looking toward 2010

2009 was a reactive year for me. The word I chose for the year was searching, but I think either is actually apprpriate. I spent the year searching for what I wanted and reacting to what was in front of me. I want to focus on not being reactive, but proactive in 2010. I want to live my life instead of it living me.

A lot of the chaos in 2009 was because of my unhealthy pregnancy and the problems I had at work. I spent a lot of time working on how to releive my stress enough that I would no longer have blood pressure problems and was not successful. I spent a lot of time resting, which is fine- I need to draw from that resting time now.

I have some goals I’ve been carrying over from year to year and I no longer want to do that. In 2010 I will:

1) Make some progress on the clothing line. I will have samples made that I can work out in. I will have three meetings with potential investors/sales. The clothes will be for sale in 2011.

2) I will exhibit my photos. Even if that exhibit is just hanging them all around our house and having friends over. I will exhibit them.

3) I will complete The Book of Ruth by June 1, 2010.

4) I will complete The Pilates Lifestyle by April 1, 2010.

5) I will write every day.

I will now combine my goals (I have them in 3 places) and make a pretty piece showing all of them so that I can set monthly goals to work towards.


Kicking around the idea of trying a Podcast, but worried that I post so sporadically here and my other blog that adding something else isn’t a good idea. But Austin is starting to go to bed earlier at night, maybe I can set a schedule to make my creative things start to happen???

Thoughts for 2010

I will add to this list in the next week, but some goals I have for 2010:

1) Sell photos and jewelry at at least one craft show/arts fair/farmer’s market

2) Set up etsy store for photos and jewelry

3) Create more photo galleries in my house like the one in my room

4) One artist date per month

5) Do morning pages every day
*******Yes, I know this is a lofty goal- doing anything every day short of brushing my teeth is a lofty goal, but it is who I want to be–an artist, an author. This I will do for myself.***********

6) Sell one article a month FOR MONEY beginning in June. Which means I have to start the submissions process now.

7) Take (as in, read) the free online writing courses I’ve found

8) Do one COMPLETE writing project a month. What I mean by COMPLETE: begin and end a piece of writing ala NANO. The editing can come later.

I don’t cry anymore

I don’t cry anymore
I want to, my heart aches with the same intesity
But my eyes stay dry
My jaw set so hard that it hurts

I don’t cry anymore
I want to scream, kick, stamp and throw
But I sit quiety and pretend to be happy
Looking at others- do you think they know?

I don’t cry anymore
Betrayl feels old hat
Instead I curl up on my bed
When I sleep I can shut it all out

I don’t cry anymore
And I don’t feel anymore hope
I’m not surprised enough to be hurt
It is what it is, this is where I’m at

Quest for a bag

I am on a quest. I am searching for the Holy Grail of handbags- one that is cute and still big enough to carry my computer, a notebook, a book or two (until Santa brings me a Kindle) my phone, wallet and all the various cords I have. And keep it all organized. I have a Timbuk2 tote now that carries it all but doesn't organize. I'm looking at the letter bag at Any other suggestions?

Amanda Moon