Monthly Archives: July 2011

The kids first hike

We took the kids to Radnor Lake tonight for their first hike.  We did just a short hike- the first half of the Ridge trail down to the Lake trail.

Two lovely deer greeted us as we started the hike.

Lily and Austin each almost slid down the side of the hill a few times, we made them start holding hands and everything got better.

We all made it out safely, including the wood tick that hitched a ride home with Austin.  Can’t wait for the weather to cool off so we can go more often!


How come when I’m sick I crave unhealthy food? Sinus infection? I know it’s serious when I am unable to control the chocolate and peanut butter cravings. It’s a migrain if I crave salty, greasy food, like deep dish pepperoni pizza.

It would make more sense to me to crave veggies and fruits and other healthy foods. Is it just me?

Have your cake and eat it too!

It’s Austin’s 2nd birthday today, and we celebrated with a trip to Chick-fil-a and their indoor, air-conditioned play place! I also made cupcakes. The party is Saturday, and we’ll be having chocolate and hot dogs and all kinds of yummy crap, so I wanted someone a bit lighter. Angel food cake is my favorite, so that’s what we had. It was my first attempt at angel food cupcakes though, and I wasn’t prepared for the size! They’re ginormous! The best part: 1/12 of the recipe is a serving. A 140 calorie serving (I know! AMAZING!) I made 12 small cupcakes and 3 huge ones. The kids each ate 1.5 small ones. It was nice to be able to say yes when they asked for seconds!