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Finding my people

(Did you know I have another blog? Sometimes the material is a little bit repeated (when it’s really big news) otherwise that is usually much more personal than this. Just in case you want more about me.)

utopya2014logoI spent the weekend at Utopya Conference (Their tag line is: The first-of-its-kind convention for women writers of supernatural YA and NA fiction, and their fans! I would add to that there are a lot of romance writers also.) in Nashville. The conference began three years ago and I’ve been, in some form, each year. This year though, I went as an author, with a book out that I was actively trying to learn to promote.

Can I tell you a secret? Promoting a book is harder than writing one. At least for me.

The thing about Utopya is that it is a family. A quickly growing family of nearly a thousand people now, but a family nonetheless. Everyone knows everyone (we have a Facebook group that helps with that) and everyone admires everyone else. It’s amazing to see.

I learned a ton while I was there. I haven’t even processed through all of my notes and to-dos yet. I met some amazing people. But I felt like an outsider. And it took until the last day of the conference to realize why: I am. I started going to Utopya because I knew it’s founder and was friends of friends of people on the planning committee. I wanted to be a part of that community and the love there. And, don’t get me wrong, they welcome me with open arms every year. But…I just don’t have the same fan-girling, tackle-hugging, jump-up-and-down-screaming excitement they have.

It’s kind of like in High School when you have your group that you hang out with and like, but also have that group that looks fun that you want to be a part of. So you wedge yourself in there and they accept you, but it never really feels right.

It’s because it’s not.

I have so much respect and admiration for the women (and men, there are a few) of Utopya. SO MUCH. But I don’t write (or really read) YA/NA Paranormal/Supernatural. It’s not that I dislike it, I like most of it that I read. But it’s not what I crave. (It’s like ice cream for me: it’s awesome and everything, but unless you offer it to me I probably won’t think about asking for it.)

So while everyone else was crying and hugging each other goodbye last Sunday, I quietly slipped out to take my rental car back to the hotel. I spent the afternoon a little sad that I had missed out on the social aspect of the conference. It took me a few days away to realize: I had an fantastic time. But I need to find the conferences for people who write and read what I write and read: mysteries, popular/literary fiction, and there I will find both my readers and the writers and swoon over.

This isn’t to take away from the Utopya experience at all. It is a wonderful conference that I highly recommend (and next year’s tickets are already on sale, for an amazingly low price.) But it is a reminder to myself that I don’t have to change to fit a certain group. I just need to find my group. So I’m going to keep trying to do that.

Have you ever gone anywhere and felt like an outsider? Do you stick it out, or do you leave?

10 random things happening in my life right now

2014-06-24 18.42.47

This is totally normal, right?

1) I chipped a tooth for the first time since I had my crowns put on 10 years ago. If you knew me anytime between the ages of eight and eighteen, you probably saw me at some point with a chipped front tooth. It happened a few times a year. In 2004 I had porcelain crowns put on both of my front teeth and all has been good since. Until…dun-dun-dun…I had to have a root canal. I put it off, thinking they would have to remove the crown, until I was in so much pain I wasn’t sleeping. Then I Googled (neat, huh?) and learned that usually a root canal can be done through a crown. So I went to the dentist and had it done on June 9. The root canal went great, but, unfortunately, my crown was already cracked and the stress of being drilled through was too much. It broke off last night. I was able to get a temporary fix this morning, so I look normal again now. (Side note, our dentist here, Dr. Jakubas, is awesome.)

2) I spent six days in the last week traveling to my other home, Nashville. I was there for the Utopya Conference and got to see a bunch of friends, learn a lot, and play with kittens.

2014-06-24 20.33.163) I’m thrilled to be home. Being in Nashville (which I miss all the time) really helped solidify Minnesota as my true home. I will continue to love visiting the south, but I am a northern girl.

4) The beauty in my neighborhood is insane. I live close to Minnehaha Falls and The Longfellow Gardens (and Lake Hiawatha and Lake Nokomis and all kinds of other amazingness). When I walk Picasso I’m constantly stopping and taking pictures. These are all from last night’s walk.

2014-06-17 12.20.215) I have been mailing out a ton of books lately. It has basically become part of our daily routine to walk to the post office and library (they are across the street from each other.)  On the way, we often stop and say hi to this little guy. Don’t know his name yet, but he and Austin get along well.

2014-06-15 17.14.366) It’s summer and I really haven’t felt like doing my hair. Even though there isn’t much humidity up here, I just am not motivated. But what I have been doing is a lot of braids. Because I’ve been watching a lot of Game of Thrones. I did this to go get ice cream on Father’s Day.

7) I’ve had really bad customer service from several places lately. Places that used to be known for their good service. I’ve sent a few letters to corporate offices, but rather than complain about it here (or on social media) going forward, I am only going to do shout-outs for when companies do things right. Maybe the positivity can effect (affect? I still don’t understand the difference) change, because negativity sure isn’t doing any good.

8) I am in the process of finding a new church. I have gone back and forth on whether to write either a long blog post or an essay about this, and I haven’t decided yet. (I actually typed something much longer here, but then decided to save it for later.) But, just to say…Finding a spiritual home is hard. If you would pray for guidance for us, I would appreciate it.

9) I was approached by a trainer at the gym today and given a free Pilates lesson and a free training session with two new employees (they need to practice.) I felt like I won the lottery!

10) I made cheese curds last night, the first time I’ve ever fried anything in a pan full of oil, ever. They were okay. I made Kale chips today (baked) and they are amazing.



I’ve had two interviews this week!

The first was with Charlotte Rains Dixon of Words Trumpet. Charlotte was one of my mentors through The Writer’s Loft (now MTSU Write) and is absolutely an inspiration to me, to be featured on her blog is a huge honor.

The second is on In Libris Veritas, an awesome book blog that I “met” through Utopya. She is doing a summer solstice festival with lots and lots of giveaways (so check out the whole series, not just mine!)

Finally, today is the last day of the $0.99 Kindle sale for Stealing the Ruby Slippers. Tomorrow the price doubles, so get it today!


Another interview!


I had another interview! Michelle Gilmore of In Libris Veritas interviewed me during for her Summer Solstice Celebration (solstice is a really hard word to spell!). She is also doing a giveaway. Check it out here.


Also, today is the last day of the $0.99 portion of the Stealing the Ruby Slippers Kindle Countdown Deal. Tomorrow the price doubles. It goes back to regular price on Wednesday. Go grab it!

My first interview, and a sale

My mentor and friend, interviewed me for her blog. We talked about both my writing process in general and the process for Stealing the Ruby Slippers in particular. You can read it here.

Also, Stealing the Ruby Slippers is on sale for $0.99! The price goes up on Monday, so grab it now!

I’m in Nashville at the third Utopya conference this weekend, learning all about writing and publishing. I’ll post some insights over the next few weeks on the Ruby Slippers blog. But I’m going to leave you with this picture- the clouds out my airplane window. The brightest spot in what turned out to be a miserable challenging day of travel.20140621-074449-27889929.jpg

It’s ON! 99 cent sale through the weekend

Thank you to everyone who entered the giveway last week! The winners have been chosen and emailed. If you didn’t win, don’t worry:

Stealing the Ruby Slippers in just 99 cents through the weekend!

It’s part of Amazon’s Kindle Countdown Deals program and only available in that format. But don’t worry, if you don’t have a kindle, you can download a free reader here.

Please help me spread the word! You can use this short link for tweets/Facebook posts:

BTW, I found The Ruby Slippers last weekend. They’re right here. (More pics from my trip to come.)



The Ruby Slippers

Fun first day at The Wizard of Oz Festival

I am in Grand Rapids, Minnesota for the next few days, visiting my family and attending the Wizard of Oz Festival. Yesterday I went to the Ruby Slippers Breakfast and met some awesome readers and learn more about the investigation into the actual theft (they’re really close to finding the culprits!)

Angela & I

Angela & I 

Then I headed over to The Village Bookstore to sign the books I have on display (I’ll be doing a signing there on Saturday!)

Window Display at The Village Bookstore

If you’re in the Grand Rapids area, you should come out and say hi. Also, on Friday, you can be a part of a Guinness Book of World Records event— dress up like any character from the movie and help us break the record!

Since the Goodreads Giveaway went so well, I thought I’d do another one. This time, it’s just on my own. Details are here, enter below!

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Upcoming Giveaway and Promo Prices

Box of booksIn honor of International Crime Month, Judy Garland’s birthday (and The Wizard of Oz Festival), Oz-stravaganza and the fact that I sold through my entire first order of books and just got two new boxes, I’m finally having a giveaway! From tonight through 11:59pm EST on June 16, you can enter to win one of five autographed copies of Stealing the Ruby Slippers. There are lots of ways to enter, so have fun!

If you don’t win, don’t worry! I’ll be running a sale for the Kindle version soon. Be watching for details.

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Stealing the Ruby Slippers

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