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Done done done!

Ruby Slippers from Smithsonian Collection

I wrote this post on Monday, December 16 at 5:30pm. I really want to publish it right away, but, in keeping with my blog themes, I’ve decided to schedule it to publish on Wednesday morning as my “Writer Wednesday” post. But I just want you to know that I finished on the 16th, and I’m drinking wine at dinner, not at 10:00am when this publishes. ūüôā

Remember last month, when I admitted I was doing NaNoWriMo but working on my other book instead? Earlier this month I admitted that I didn’t meet my goal- I didn’t “win” NaNo because I didn’t finish the book within the month of November.

Well, I’m here to tell you today that the first draft of my fictional account of the theft of the ruby slippers is DONE DONE DONE! It is just a first draft, and it’s a bit short, so it wouldn’t have actually allowed me to “win” NaNo anyway (they require 50,000 words, right now I’m just under 40K). But, it’s done, the structure is solid, and I am confident I will be able to keep my publishing goal and have it ready in time for the 75th Judy Garland Festival next summer.

Now…off to get dinner on the table. And maybe a glass of celebratory wine.

Rizz Glass


Some of my favorite pieces are my wire-wrapped glass. It’s insanely beautiful. And I can say that because all I did was wrap it. My uncle John made each and ever pieces all three above, everything that’s in my shop, and several that I haven’t had a chance to wrap yet. Additionally, he does lawn art, bowls, and sculptures. It’s amazing. Check out his website at

Google searches as a writer

Days of the week are not my strong suit lately. Here’s my Writer Wednesday, a day late. I will say, though, that the list got a litter juicer by waiting a day.

Things I have Googled this week:

  • Bone infections
  • What happens if you wake up while intubated
  • How to commit suicide in a hospital
  • How to write an effective ransom note
  • Abandoned mines near Chisholm, MN
  • Signs of Vicodin abuse
  • Interactions of Vicodin and alcohol

Yep. Either I’m researching a book or I’m planning a serious crime.

Handmade Marketplace Benefit


This Sunday from 3-6 pm Hiawatha Church in Minneapolis is hosting a benefit for Jeff Robbinson, a church member who had a stroke in October. After surviving harrowing brain surgery, he was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer.¬†We began going to Hiawatha church the week after Jeff had a stroke at work. Although we have never met him, we have seen the impact he has had on our new church family, and on our neighborhood. If you’re in the Minneapolis area on Sunday, head over to Hiawatha Church from 3-6 for the marketplace and benefit.

It seems like the holidays are all about money. In addition to the normal buying of food and presents for family and friends that are gathering, organizations and businesses are always looking for extra donations at this time of year.

I’ve never completely understood this. Yes, I tend to feel more generous during the holidays, but I’m also more strapped for cash than, say, in April when there is less going on.

That said, there are several events/opportunities coming up that I’m planning to support and I want to share with you. Remember, you don’t always have to give money. Sometimes you can give time or silent auction items (this is what I’ll be doing). Sharing ¬†information can also make a difference.

Benefit for Hiawatha Church member Jeff Robinson

Hiawatha Church Benefit

We began going to Hiawatha church the week after Jeff had a stroke at work. Although we have never met him, we have seen the impact he has had on our new church family, and on our neighborhood. If you’re in the Minneapolis area on Sunday, head over to Hiawatha Church from 3-6 for the marketplace and benefit.

Blood Water Mission Shop Give Hope

Blood:Water Mission has been fighting the AIDS and water crises for more than 10 years. This year, they are working to build AIDS clinics. You can sponsor medical supplies, family medical care, HIV care for a child or even a doctor.

Emergency Food Network

I became familiar with Emergency Food Network while I was working at Whole Foods. Every Whole Foods raises money for local food banks during the holiday season. When I was in Tennessee, it was 2nd Harvest. Here in Minneapolis, EFN supports more than 200 food programs throughout the state.

A few years ago, I wanted to volunteer to serve meals at a shelter around the holidays. However, time isn’t what they need right now. Food shelves and shelters need money. Businesses, churches and families come out of the woodwork to volunteer for the holidays, but as the weather is colder, and people are trying to decide whether to buy food for themselves or Christmas presents for their children, these places really, really need resources. If you don’t want to give a check, go to the store and buy a bag of non-perishables. Participate in Toys for Tots.¬†Think of the physical needs that people have during this time of year, and try to help out in tangible ways.

Master Procrastinator

Today I have earned the title “Master Procrastinator.” This is a hard title to earn all in one day as I have, but, hopefully, with the suggestions outlined below, you too can put off everything you are trying to get done and become known as a Master.

Ways I have procrastinated today:

  1. Shut my alarm off two minutes before it was supposed to go off and went back to sleep.
  2. Talked Chris into changing his alarm
  3. Told Lily we should cuddle instead of getting up and getting ready to go.
  4. Took a long shower, and took a long time drying my hair, therefore leaving no time for morning yoga, requiring me to do it later.
  5. Cleaned the kitchen
  6. Checked Facebook
  7. Checked email
  8. Repeated 6 & 7 numerous times
  9. Looked for information on Google. It was information I needed for my story–for the first 10 or so seconds. After that it was totally a rabbit hole.

    Looking for a distraction? Start here.

  10. Checked email
  11. Did yoga (see #4)
  12. Researched classes I can take at Hamline
  13. Made Chris lunch and took it to his office (our basement)
  14. Wrote this blog post

And now, my writing time (for now) is over, I need to go read to Austin. I have writing time scheduled this afternoon. Hopefully I can increase my word count at a little better pace than 500 words an hour.

Writing Update

The Creative Writing Programs at Hamline

Yesterday, I got the call. I’m IN. Starting¬†next semester¬†(because when have I ever been one to allow planning time) I will be a student at Hamline University working toward a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Writing.

I am thrilled beyond words.

I didn’t blog last Wednesday, partially because both kids were home, we were out buying a new¬†van (I know, I am a
SAHM who drives a van.¬†I know!)¬†But also because I knew that there was no way that I was going to finish Slippers by the end of the month, and I was disappointed I wasn’t going to hit that milestone. Between the holidays and the disappointment of missing the goal, I didn’t get much writing done until Monday. But now I’m back on the wagon, and I’m still chugging along on Slippers. It should *easily* be done by the end of the month. (Knock on wood.) And hearing from Hamline yesterday was just the encouragement I needed to get at it again.
Amanda Moon

Amanda Moon

Holiday Coupons

Pearl and Chain Necklace

It’s Cyber Monday! I know I should have maybe done something on Small Business Saturday, but I had 14 people over for Thanksgiving, and I was cooking a turkey. Instead, I’m offering two coupons this week:

First: 50% off today only. Use code CYBER. Expires at 11:59pm 12/2/13
And for those of you who wake up tomorrow and remember that you forgot to buy something, use code PROCRASTINATOR40 for 40% through 11:59pm 12/3/13.

I had to throw the procrastinator coupon in because every day since Thursday I’ve remembered the next day that there was something I was going to buy that was on a one-day sale. I know I can’t be the only one.

Finally taking new photos

Some of my new picturesI finally got a lighting setup in my office that isn’t perfect, but allows me to take better pictures! These are some of what I’ve done.

I’m hoping to take new pictures over the next few weeks for all of the items in my shop¬†plus get all of my new stuff listed. It’s been really exciting getting into all of this again, I forgot how much I missed it!

In honor of the shopping season, I’ve got two promotions running right now. Check out this post to find out more!