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Mostly, that’s just it. I just want to scream. I am at work, it’s noon, and I want to leave my desk and go to the Y and swim. But I can’t, because my boss is having the scheduling day from hell. I’m an executive assistant (for 3 more days) and it has never been this bad. He started out completely booked from 9-5:30, but cancelled a 12-2 meeting to get some office time. Little good that did, because “emergancies” (i.e. poor planning or bad communication) has now eaten up the whole 2 hour period of time. Because I’m the gate keeper, I anticipate being at my desk now until about 2pm when he goes to another meeting. Maybe then I can go swimming!

The other frustration of my day is trying to find childcare for my daughter, and she’s not even born yet! She’s not going to be here until November, and already it’s become a pain. I’m quitting my job to spend more time with her, but I still will need something 2 or 3 days a week so I can teach enough for us to make ends meet. The problem is most Mommy’s Day Out programs don’t accept infants until 6 months, and many require the kids to be older (10-18 months). And, they aren’t open in the summer.

I grew up in a town of 500 people. I had a babysitter at my house, and I babysat for 3 kids all summer long. I wish I could do that here, but I don’t know any teenagers. And I don’t know who to trust! This is scary and frustrating! It does make me more thankful though that I don’t have to worry about actually finding a daycare. The thought gives me the shivers.

I wonder…

If anyone reads this.

If I will ever grow out of my awkward afraid-of-talking-too-much phase that I entered sometime after the age of 16 (because trust me, before then, I had no filter whatsoever.)

If I will ever settle on a career…my mom never did, maybe I’m genetically programed to jump around.

I had a bad day…but it’s okay

Not so long ago, my husband gently told me to start a blog to complain about Nashville drivers because he was sick of hearing it. This blog isn’t for that, but this one is going to be about it for a moment. Then I will move on.

I have no problem with talking on your cell phone while driving, if you can do both things at once. It’s the people that can’t that I have a problem with. JUST BECAUSE YOU’RE ON YOUR CELL PHONE DOESN’T EXEMPT YOU FROM USING TURN SIGNALS, DRIVING IN JUST 1 LANE AT A TIME, OR CHECKING FOR OTHER CARS BEFORE YOU SWITCH LANES.


On a brighter note, I swam .64 miles on my lunch break today, and I must say, I look quite funny in a swim suit. I have a maternity one, but it’s all cute and doesn’t scream “serious lap swimmer” so I decided to try my regular one-piece today. The one-piece fit just fine, as it should considering I still weigh 20lbs less now than I did when I bought it, but seriously- why can’t I just have a cute round belly like it seems like everyone else has? Mine looks like a lopsided pillow. I think I”m going to go back to wearing the maternity one. It’s a two piece and for whatever reason, I look much more normal in it.

I must look pregnant today

I had my 24 week checkup today, and I guess I must look pregnant now, even sitting down. There is a parking attendant at my OB’s office in the morning, making sure only patients park there and not the employees of the various area hospitals. Usually he asks what dr you’re seeing, if you’re at the right building he lets you in, otherwise sends you to a different parking area. This morning he said “Good morning ma’am, drive right on in.”

I did it I did it I did it!

So, for 3 weeks, on my “To Do- High Priority” and “Goals for the Week” list I had “Write and Submit story for Radiant.” I hadn’t just not done it, I hadn’t even worked on it. BUT! Today, I buckled down, took a break from my usual random Internet surfing that helps me pass the day, and wrote, edited, and submitted my story! Yippee! Personally, I think it’s pretty good, but I won’t be offended if it’s not printed. It wasn’t so much about getting printed this time, but just doing it. I keep saying I want to get back in writing, but what have I done? Nada. 2 years ago I got really passionate about writing about the AIDS Pandemic in Africa- I even set up interviews with various authorities on the issue around town. Did I ever do anything though? Nope. But now, I’ve done it! One step in the right direction. YAY ME!

Little joys…

So today is really just a typical Thursday. I had trouble sleeping last night, so I didn’t want to get up this morning- in fact, when my alarm went off at 5 I reset it for 6, and when it went off at 6 I hit snooze until 7. By that time the dog needed to go out, so I had to get up (and I had to get ready for work.)

Having short hair again is really amazing. I spend more time preparing my lunches now then I do taking a shower, fixing my hair, and putting on make-up. And by “preparing my lunches” all I mean is pulling the food out of the fridge and getting it into my little insulated lunch carrier thing. It’s not like I’m cooking anything.

Anyway- nothing really remarkable today except:

1) I almost didn’t was my hands after using the restroom. “GROSS!!!!” you are probobly thinking. And you are right. But for whatever reason, I walked out of the stall and had the bathroom door open before I realized “Wait! I didn’t wash my hands!” How do you forget something like that?

2) Even after packing the aforementioned lunch, I decided that I was in the mood for chinese. So, after my lunchtime workout at the Y, I stopped by Publix on my way back to the office to pick up some chicken and maybe bagel chips to go with it (I don’t like fried rice or the noodly stuff). But, alas, the only options they had were spicey, which we all know I do not do. Then I noticed a little sign for their popcorn chicken: “Hand breaded throughout the day from only fresh white meat chicken breast.” So I got an order, and, as a last minute addition, added a side of macaroni & cheese. Can I just tell you- the chicken was amazing- fresh & juicy tasting- not like any other commercially prepared fried chicken nuggets. And the macaroni. Oh the macaroni. It was as good as Grandma Marliss’s, and if you don’t know how good my Grandma Marliss cooks, you are missing out.