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Weekend Inspiration: Google Art Project

the-starry-night-vincent-van-gogh-close-upTake a moment, go to Google Art Project, and bookmark it. While you’re there, look up your favorite piece of art and zoom in.

(Go, right now. I’ll still be here when you get back.)

Okay. How much time has gone by? Hours? Days?

Yeah. I know.


Which paintings are your favorites? I actually found Google Art Project from a link posted on pinterest of the moon from The Starry Night (the picture above.) It is everything.

–Full disclosure, I’ve been looking at paintings for a while instead of finishing this blog post. It feels a little bit like I just had an artist date.–

By the way, while we’re talking about art, have you seen the Blue/Black White/Gold dress debate? It has completely altered my perception of reality and color and now I just don’t trust my eyes.

Frozen between “want to” and “should”

Sky over my house

I just read this post by one of my writing mentors, Charlotte. In it, she discusses all of the procrastinating things she does before writing. But once she’s writing, it’s amazing, she doesn’t want to do anything else.

I have the same experience in writing. But I have it in the rest of my life too. There are things I “want” to do- like go to a Zumba class or a long bike ride, and there are things I “should” do, like mop the floors and organize the house. I feel guilty if I do the “want to’s” but don’t want to do the “should’s,” so often I end up doing something completely different and, often, unnecessary. In these moments of paralyzation between “want to” and “should” I sometimes (often) read Facebook or twitter, watch TV, or take a nap.

Why is that?

These things leave me feeling emptier than cleaning the house. Why can’t I find the motivation to get the should’s done so that I don’t feel guilty about the wants?

Does anyone else experience this? Or is it just me? What do you do for motivation?

Necklaces, bracelets and hearts, oh my!

I’ve been trying to make more coordinating pieces for my collection. Today I’ve got a matching necklace and bracelet. Also, the re-new highlights are from my stoney hearts collection. The one with the question mark in the center is my favorite, because even after seven years of marriage my heart still asks me questions. Hope you enjoy!


Can't see picture? Go to

Bracelet: Pearl Bracelet, Wire wrapped pearl Bracelet, Silver wire and white pearls

Can't see picture? Go to

Necklace: Pearl Necklace, Wire wrapped pearl necklace, Silver wire and white pearls

Can't see picture? Go to

Wire heart with tail stone necklace

Can't see picture? Go to

Questioning Heart Wire Wrapped Necklace

Today’s listings at Spiraling Forward

I had a lot of fun creating these necklaces. I hope you like them too. Each are one-of-a-kind and ready to ship!

Necklace: Silver wire necklace, blue necklace, blue stone necklace

Necklace: Wire necklace, blue necklace, silver necklace, fun necklace, zig-zag necklace

Necklace: Illusion necklace, Y-Necklace, Drop necklace, Stone, Purple and black

Interlocking Hearts Wire Wrapped Necklace w/ Stone

New in my shop

I spent a lot of time preparing to take Spiraling Forward into the “real” world last month at fEASTival. However, TDOT had other plans, beginning a huge road project that closes the easiest route to East Nashville every weekend for the whole summer. Thus, fEASTival has been rescheduled for September 8. Although disappointed, I am happy and agree with the organizers’ decision. I want fEASTival to have the best turnout possible, to give Spiraling Forward the best exposure possible.

The good news is, because I was stocking up for the festival, I now have a huge amount of stock to list in my store over the next few weeks/month. Here’s today’s offerings:

Necklace: Green glass necklace, Silver and green necklace, Summer necklace

Earrings: Green glass earrings, dangle earrings, drop earrings, summer earrings

Wire-wrapped heart necklace

Wire-wrapped heart necklace in black and silver

Magnetic Paint?

Click photo to be taken to original

I’ve just learned that Magnetic Paint exists. Anyone ever used it? I guess it’s technically primer, so a lot of people paint over it with Chalkboard Paint. I love this idea for my kitchen. I want to do magnetic spice tins, I was going to just get a sheet of metal to hang them on, but this would work better. And I could make a weekly meal calendar, shopping list, etc., if the whole wall was a chalk board.

So??? Help me out! I guess it takes several coats, so it’s not super duper easy, but according to some reviews, it’s worth it. Yes? No?

This week on etsy: Steampunk

Do you know what “steampunk” is? I didn’t. According to Wikipedia:

Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fictionfantasyalternate history, and speculative fictionthat came into prominence during the 1980s and early 1990s.[1] Steampunk involves a setting where steam power is still widely used—usually Victorian era Britain or “Wild West“-era United States—that incorporates elements of either science fiction or fantasy. Works of steampunk often feature anachronistictechnology, or futuristic innovations as Victorians might have envisionedthem, based on a Victorian perspective on fashionculturearchitectural style, and art. This technology includes such fictional machines as those found in the works of H. G. Wells and Jules Verne, or the contemporary authors Philip PullmanScott Westerfeld and China Mieville.

I love the clockwork and gears that dominate the steampunk style. Etsy has an amazing steampunk community and this week, I’m highlighting some of my favorites.  Check it out! 


Pintersting this week

If you haven’t joined Pinterest yet, do it now. And just know that you are going to lose a good hour or two (or five) on the site each day.

While purusing the other night, I started seeing all of these images that seemed to go well with Home, the book I’m currently working on. So I grabbed them and started a new board. I realized that I can use Pinterest to create vision boards. (Yes, maybe I’m a little slow sometimes. Don’t judge.)

Here’s the thing: I love the idea of vision boards, but hate making them. The magazines I have on hand are either ones I don’t want to tear up or, if I want to tear them up, it’s because there is nothing left in them I want. Plus, vision boards are all about pictures. I get most of my pictures online. And I hate the mess of cutting, tearing, gluing, etc. This is perfect for me! So I started grabbing pictures for my book. I’ve only done Ashley, but I’d like to do one for each of the main characters and one for the book as a whole.

Then, this morning, I was looking at my Google Reader and my mentor talked about this very thing. And she quite literally wrote the book on vision boarding your novel.

This got me thinking…could I maybe possibly make a vision board for me too? Gasp! I might actually enjoy this.

*The link back for the photo doesn’t work. If it’s yours, please email me at amandamichellemoon dot com and I’d be happy to give you credit and a back link!