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How I’m using Pinterest to help my writing

Lately, my writing time has been limited. And I’ve been tired, which makes it hard to write. Maybe I need to go back to coffee? Although I’ve had a few cups, I never got back on caffeine after my fast. Not sure I’m ready to do that. So I’m taking my time where I can get it. I’ve gotten almost the entire first third of Home. I’ve started on the second part (there are three). But there is one thing that I haven’t tackled yet: the garden. There is a garden that plays a huge figurative role in this story, but I’m not a gardener. I got some help from a local nursery in a list of the flowers that would be found here. So, for the last few days, I’ve been grabbing time where I can, and pinning the plants, so that I can stop skipping the garden parts and actually write them! That’s my commitment for the next week. I’m going to write a garden scene. Maybe I’ll share it here. Until then, check out my inspiration on Pinterest.

Fun summer necklaces

I’ve been in a chunky jewelry phase lately, which is funny since I used to only where really simple plain stuff. My current taste is reflected in what I’ve been making, including these beauties listed today:

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Chunky Green Square Stone Necklace

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Layered silver chain necklace with flat mother-of-pearl beads

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Double strand natural mother of pearl diamond beads necklace

Frozen between “want to” and “should”

Sky over my house

I just read this post by one of my writing mentors, Charlotte. In it, she discusses all of the procrastinating things she does before writing. But once she’s writing, it’s amazing, she doesn’t want to do anything else.

I have the same experience in writing. But I have it in the rest of my life too. There are things I “want” to do- like go to a Zumba class or a long bike ride, and there are things I “should” do, like mop the floors and organize the house. I feel guilty if I do the “want to’s” but don’t want to do the “should’s,” so often I end up doing something completely different and, often, unnecessary. In these moments of paralyzation between “want to” and “should” I sometimes (often) read Facebook or twitter, watch TV, or take a nap.

Why is that?

These things leave me feeling emptier than cleaning the house. Why can’t I find the motivation to get the should’s done so that I don’t feel guilty about the wants?

Does anyone else experience this? Or is it just me? What do you do for motivation?

Sunset-inspired necklaces

We have been having some beautiful sunsets near my house lately. I bought the agates on the bottom two necklaces because they reminded me of sunsets. I had a lot of fun placing them in necklaces. And the copper bows are just fun. Bowties for girls. What’s better?

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Copper Bow and Chunky Silver Necklace

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Copper Bow and Silver Necklace

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Necklace: Orange Necklace, Teardrop necklace, Wire Wrapped Agate Necklace, Silver and orange necklace

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Necklace: Orange agate necklace, brown agate necklace, silver necklace, silver and stone necklace, wire wrapped necklace

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Necklace: Illusion necklace, Orange and red necklace, Agate necklace

Wire wrapped fun

Did you ever notice that a treble clef has a spiral in the middle? I did when I was crafting the wire wrap for this necklace: it started out as a simple spiral that I was going to mirror, but sometimes the wire has other things in mind. I hope you enjoy it and the other items in today’s blog!


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Wire Wrapped Music Necklace- Treble Clef

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Wire wrapped heart and stone necklace

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Earrings: Wire earrings, Pink earrings, dangle earrings

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Necklace: Green and pink necklace, Natural stone necklace, Wire Wrapped necklace

Cooking w/ Kids

My kids love muffins. And donuts. I mean, who wouldn’t. Carbs and sugar, sugar and carbs…yum! I’ve been long substituting whole wheat flour for white, apple sauce for oil/butter. But the sugar solution has been elusive. I’ve used honey, but that’s still sugar. Today, though, inspired by the methods Katie uses in her recipes, I made fat free, sugar free, whole wheat banana bread muffins. Instead of the 1 1/2 cups of sugar (seriously!) that the recipe called for, I used 4 ground up dates and a squirt (probably about 15 drops) of liquid stevia. It worked. The muffins are wonderful, and I had a lot of fun making them with the kids.

Spirals on spiraling forward

I love the symbolism of the spiral: infinite potential, interconnectiveness. If you google it, you will find all the other meanings for its symbolism. I love it.  That’s why I changed the name of my store from my name to Spiraling Forward: it is a symbol of me moving forward, out of the corporate grind, the potential I believe for my family. It hasn’t been easy, but it’s been fun. I love finding new ways to incorporate the spiral into my designs. It’s my “signature style” (thanks Kimberly Wilson for introducing me to the concept.) Here’s today’s highlights:


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Necklace: Silver Wire Necklace, Spiral Wire Wrapped Necklace

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Necklace: Wire wrapped stone, Silver Necklace, Silver Wire Necklace, Silver wire necklace with chain

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Necklace: Copper and Stone Swirl Wire Wrap

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Stone and ribbon necklace with copper