Master Procrastinator

Today I have earned the title “Master Procrastinator.” This is a hard title to earn all in one day as I have, but, hopefully, with the suggestions outlined below, you too can put off everything you are trying to get done and become known as a Master.

Ways I have procrastinated today:

  1. Shut my alarm off two minutes before it was supposed to go off and went back to sleep.
  2. Talked Chris into changing his alarm
  3. Told Lily we should cuddle instead of getting up and getting ready to go.
  4. Took a long shower, and took a long time drying my hair, therefore leaving no time for morning yoga, requiring me to do it later.
  5. Cleaned the kitchen
  6. Checked Facebook
  7. Checked email
  8. Repeated 6 & 7 numerous times
  9. Looked for information on Google. It was information I needed for my story–for the first 10 or so seconds. After that it was totally a rabbit hole.

    Looking for a distraction? Start here.

  10. Checked email
  11. Did yoga (see #4)
  12. Researched classes I can take at Hamline
  13. Made Chris lunch and took it to his office (our basement)
  14. Wrote this blog post

And now, my writing time (for now) is over, I need to go read to Austin. I have writing time scheduled this afternoon. Hopefully I can increase my word count at a little better pace than 500 words an hour.

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