Family Vacation

Some fun from our life right now:

1) Chris got us last minute tickets to see Foster the People, one of the kids’ favorite bands.

2014-08-04 21.14.49

It was a little loud, but really good. The opener was NONONO, I really enjoyed them. We only got to stay for about five songs before the kids were done, but they enjoyed it. It wasn’t their first club show, we’ve been taking both of them since they were babies. but with the last minuteness of it, we forgot to bring ear protection, so we all ended up with toilet paper in our ears. it worked surprisingly well, especially when supplemented with fingers.

2014-08-04 20.23.54-1

2) We went to our first Twins game. I’d been as a kid, but that was in the old stadium. The new one is beautiful.

2014-08-05 18.35.37-2 2014-08-05 21.43.08

3) Our summer vacation!

Chris is from Henderson, Kentucky, and since moving to Minnesota last year we don’t get back to visit as often as we’d like. It’s a long drive…fourteen hours…but not as long as the drive from our old house in Franklin, TN to my parents house in northern Minnesota (eighteen hours. Yikes.)

2014-08-08 13.05.16

We spent some time being tourists…

2014-08-09 19.19.32

Taking possible Christmas Card pictures…

2014-08-09 19.21.30

We bring the dogs, and have a special kennel for Picasso to ride in the car. The last time we did the drive, just after Christmas, Picasso would ONLY ride in the kennel, he couldn’t sit still if we left him out in the car. But since then, he has become a much better rider and gets to sit on the floorboard behind our seats.

2014-08-04 10.02.24

Isn’t he cute?

2014-08-08 21.15.19Fun surprises on the radio carried us through the last few miles.

Then, we leave the dogs in Kentucky and drive the three hours down to Nashville and visit all our old friends.

2014-08-12 18.17.15

This time, the friends we stayed with have two little boys, one almost the exact same age as Austin. They had so much fun together!

2014-08-11 20.29.08

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