Race Report: Cedars of Lebanon Triathlon, August 28

Yes, this is a bit ridiculously late, sorry about that.

The race went really good.  The weather was amazing, the swim was in a pool and there were a bunch of people in the front who shouldn’t have been, so everyone’s times were a bit lower than they should have been just because of the bottlenecks with the slower people.  The bike was a lot of fun- I got up over 35mph 4 different times.  There were a lot of long, rolling hills, I was having a lot of problems with allergies that day and at mile 4 in the middle of the biggest hill on the course I started choking on the junk in my throat.  That wasn’t a lot of fun, but once I got over that (I had to get off my bike and walk for a minute) things were much better.  The last 3 miles they had warned us was going to be really rough, but I had no idea.  My hands and feet were literally numb from trying to hang on to the bike, but it was mostly downhill so I was going between 15 & 20 mph the whole time.  All in all the bike went great- it was 4 miles longer than the last tri that I did and I finished it in just a few extra minutes.  If I hadn’t choked on my snot, I would have probably beat my first race time!

I walked the whole run, I was trying not to get too worked up again (the whole snot business), and it was so pretty out!  My times were:
Swim: 6:48
T1: 2:57
Bike: 1:10:47
T2: 1:46
Walk 47:39
Total: 2:09:54

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