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Learning to read

Do you remember learning to read? Yeah, me neither. Lily’s learning right now. Let me tell you: IT. IS. HARD. She knows what sounds letters make. She knows what sounds they make when you put them together. She knows what letters are what. What she doesn’t seem to be getting yet is the visual “that is a word because the letters are all together” part of reading. And I don’t know how to teach it to her other than just keep working on it.

The funny part of all of it is, she’s much more okay with the process than I am. She doesn’t get frustrated or upset. She can go right back to coloring or playing, whatever. No problem. She’ll get it.

I’m trying to take a lesson from her. I’m not nearly so patient when I’m learning something new.

The kids first hike

We took the kids to Radnor Lake tonight for their first hike.  We did just a short hike- the first half of the Ridge trail down to the Lake trail.

Two lovely deer greeted us as we started the hike.

Lily and Austin each almost slid down the side of the hill a few times, we made them start holding hands and everything got better.

We all made it out safely, including the wood tick that hitched a ride home with Austin.  Can’t wait for the weather to cool off so we can go more often!