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Maybe it’s Christmas, maybe it’s PMS

But all I wanted to eat today was sweets and treats.  And, I had a fairly active day, so I did. My meals were fine- but I should have eaten them closer together and planned better snacks, because, well…here’s what I ate in between meals:

  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcake
  • 2 chocolate peanut butter balls
  • Chex Mix
  • Popcorn
  • Leftover birthday cake

Now, the good news…I worked out, plus shopped plus did housework, so, while I’m not helping myself lose weight very quickly, at least I’m not packing it back on.

Workout: I did not want to work out today.  At all. But I have a deal with myself.  15 minutes.  Put some effort into it.  If I still hate it, I can bag it for the day.  I don’t usually hate it, except when I’m sleep deprived or have PMS. So I did a set of lunges.  And wanted to leave the gym.  I compromised and hit the elliptical.  15 minutes later, I was still hating it.  But not as much, so I switched to an upright bike.  With the most uncomfortable seat I’ve ever sat on.  Keep in mind, I once rode a bike that left me feeling worse than after giving birth. But it wasn’t that bad while I was on it.  This might as well have been brick.  So as soon as the bodybuilder got off the recumbent bike I switched to that.  All and all, a good 45 minutes of cardio.  THEN I DID PILATES.  Yep.  And I liked it. The only part of my workout that I enjoyed today. Pilates is good stuff.

Here’s my stats for the day:

  • Calories Burned: 2738
  • Calories Consumed: 2631 (yikes)
  • Deficit (at least there still is one) 107.  And there are 2.5 hours left…maybe I’ll jump on my bed for a while…

but probably not.

Happy shortest day of the year!

What do you do with a two and a four year old after dinner during the winter?  They don’t want to play outside in the dark.  I hate to have them sit around and watch TV.  They argue over toys and don’t have the attention span for board games yet.  Solution?  WII Dance Party!

  • Calories Burned: 2348
  • Calories Consumed: 1475
  • Deficit: 873


For those of you who don’t know, I’m a contestant in WSMV/Subway Get Fit Challenge this spring.  You can check out my page here. It’s fun- I love my trainer, and I’ve discovered Zumba which is just about the greatest thing since sliced bread (speaking of bread, I’ve been eating a lot of Subway, and I’ve gotta say- the bread is incredible!).

I’m watching The Biggest Looser right now, and everyone was home for two weeks, and all are loosing 10+ pounds in two weeks.  I’m not loosing weight that quickly, and I think I should be!  I know, I know, their lives are not mine.  But…Onederland is in my sights.  I haven’t been there since I was about 5 months pregnant with Lily, but I WILL GET BACK!

BTW- I have another dr’s appointment for my arm a week from tomorrow.  Pray that the bone is solid, so I can go back to yoga, start lifting with my arms (besides Austin & Lily) and start riding bike OUTSIDE!