Scheduling Update

Happy Monday!

Today is the beginning of what could be a very big week. The Wizard of Oz Festival starts in just three days, and in four, they will do the first dives to try to recover the stolen ruby slippers.┬áComplete details are available here, but for those of you on my email list, I wanted to give a quick update: My signing will be from 12-1 on Friday, June 12, not 3:30-5:30 as I had listed in the newsletter. The 12-1 time was what had been agreed on before the dives were announced, and by then it was too late to get it changed in the advertising, so we’re going to stick to the original time. I’ll be around a lot of the day on Thursday and Friday though, so if you see me and we weren’t able to connect at the actual signing time, please come up and say hi! I also already signed all the books the museum currently has, and I’ll leave extra swag there if they’ll let me.

In other exciting news, I’m going to be interviewed for the documentary on the theft. I was about to say I’ve never been on TV before, but I just remembered I was seated next to the stage for a CMT special, so I was on every time they did a long-shot. But I’ve never had a speaking part before ­čÖé

If/when the shoes are found (trying not to jinx it) I hope they make the case files public, I would love to dive in and write the real story. Keep your fingers crossed with me.

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