An unexamined life…

You may have deduced, from lack of posting, that I’ve kinda sorta lost control of my time again. Working two contract jobs, plus having kids and pets and husband and my own businesses is hard. At the beginning of the year, I created a planner for myself that I thought would help me keep everything organized. It did, until it didn’t.

The original planner is here. I really liked having the week-at-a-glance and each day having it’s own page, plus having a place to track what I was reading, and my art projects.

But when I took on the other jobs, I had a different to-do list for each of them, and doing my daily check-in was cumbersome as I tried to keep everything separate. I went from loving my reflection time to actively avoiding it.

This week a dear friend stayed with us for a few days, and her planner was very similar to the Passion Planner. The thing I didn’t like about it is that the to-do lists are for the whole week, rather than broken down by day. I want to make a dedicated effort to put goals to each day. But seeing hers, I saw how it could work, so I decided to revamp mine.

You can download the new version here.
Week LeftWeek Right








Basically, I took everything I liked from my planner and combined it with Mendy and Passion Planner’s. It feels less overwhelming already, I’ll let you know next week if it works for me.

Feel free to grab it and try it out yourself, tell me what you think. What parts of planners do you love, what do you always want changed?

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