All the posts that I didn’t post this week

Hey guys! How’s it going? Wasn’t I doing so awesome on my blog schedule up until this week?

Yeah, I know.

But, I have a good excuse. I finished the umpteeth first draft of Clouded…at a pace of 5,000+ words a day. I had nothing left in my brain. Plus, I would have probably blogged in the voice of my main character (although that could have been interesting!)

I will be back next week with a recipe and book to share. Today, though, I’ll leave you with this…

Weekend Inspiration

(I need to pick a name for this series and stick to it.)

Have you heard of Highbrow yet?

“It’s your personal knowledge hacking tool. Highbrow expands your mind in just five minutes a day via bite-sized courses delivered to your email inbox every morning. It’s never been so easy to broaden a mind. Use the link below to sign up and learn more. Link to website:

(I don’t get any sort of kickback from this, btw, it’s just awesome.) I’ve done Ted-Ed for Writers and am now going through the Most Famous Works of Art course. They’ve got everything—these are the categories:

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