I thought about making this book of the week, but thought that was too self-promotional

Finding-the-Ruby-Slippers-ePub-CoverRight now, I am sitting in a restaurant in downtown Minneapolis on the first floor of the building where Lily has ballet, drinking a glass of wine and celebrating. I just ordered the preorder copies of Finding the Ruby Slippers. The process of publishing this book has been really different than Stealing the Ruby Slippers. For one thing, I learned a lot from Stealing.

Okay—I have to interrupt myself for a second— I’m listening to Imagine Dragons on Rdio and the song that’s on, “Amsterdam” has been one of my major inspirations for this entire process…I mean, writing in general: Leaving Whole Foods, going back to grad school, publishing Stealing, writing Finding, and working on Home. It’s just perfect. This is the chorus:

Your time will come/if you wait for it/if you wait for it/It’s hard, believe me/I’ve tried

So, anyway, lessons learned…it’s a whole other blog post. But this is much more of a group project than Stealing was and I couldn’t be more excited about how the finished product turned out.

The on-sale date for the book will be my birthday, December 3. I am running a bunch of preorder specials, including some sets at http://stealingtherubyslippers.com/shop/. I’d love for you to check it out. Thanks for being a blog reader and bearing with the sporadic posts lately as I’ve gotten through the end of this project!