Titles for blogs are really hard

Cover PileSeriously…I hate titling these things. So much pressure. It becomes part of the URL and anything I misspell is permanently forever in internet world. (I misspelled “misspell” just now. I thought it only had one “s”)

Okay. Rant over.

Because, seriously, this week is crazy awesome.

Sort of.

Monday kind of sucked. We had so much fun in Chicago last weekend at the Storyline Conference, our flight home landed at 9:00pm on Saturday night and we made it to a 9:40 showing of The Judge (great movie, and a large popcorn and large drink was $9.75. It’s so cheap here! A year after moving here we’re still constantly going: holy cow! That would have been so expensive in Tennessee!) then met my parents Sunday morning for a fantastic breakfast at this little place in Onamia, had a fun afternoon looking at cats with the kids (we ended up not getting one) and then went to see Relient K Sunday night. Chris and I are friends with a few of the guys in Relient K, I worked at their management company right out of college, and this tour is for the tenth anniversary of MMHMM, an album that I worked a lot on. (By a lot, I mean I stuffed approximately 35,000 copies of it into bubble mailers, sorted them by zip code and took them to the post office.) It’s a fantastic album, and the show made me feel like I was 22 again. It was pretty awesome.

Then Monday came. We were exhausted. We didn’t get home until about 2:00am, and Lily woke up at 2:30 and couldn’t go back to sleep. I don’t remember what all happened during the day, but it wasn’t great. Then I sprained my ankle pretty bad on my way home from picking the kids up at school. I lost footing in four inches of leaves, the cement underneath was buckled. My ankles + buckled cement = extreme caution needed. Fun fact: buckled cement put me in the hospital once with a chipped bone. Stupid ankles.

But things are looking up now!

I sent out proof copies of Finding the Ruby Slippers to the final editors, got Between Stealing and Finding sent out and posted (and I made up a new word: epiprovella. It’s real. Start using it.) and Stealing the Ruby Slippers was featured today in NoiseTrade’s emailer which means IT’S FREE FOR A WEEK! Very very exciting.

And, possibly best of all, I read an AMAZING book, Eleanor & Park, which will be this week’s Book of the Week whenever I write the post, probably tomorrow. (It’s only $5 and took me literally less than a day to read. It’s amazing. Get it.)

Tonight I’m going to see Talking Volumes with Azar Nafisi, tomorrow night Garth Brooks (!), Friday is Switchfoot, Saturday I am participating in the Nokomis Urban Craft Fair and then going to Wits. Sunday I plan on being super lazy with the kids. Which means trips to playground and bike rides and going to the library. 🙂

Now I’m off to read my proof copy of FtRS and drink some good coffee. Grab yourself a book (or three or four– two of them are free!) and I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week too.

Once I’m done with these edits I’m not sure what to read next. Leave me your suggestions in the comments.