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St OlafExciting things are coming!

Did you notice I wasn’t here last week? I wasn’t here either. Because I spent the week at the beautiful St. Olaf University Campus in Northfield for Hamline’s Summer Writing Workshop. I got to live in the dorm (yippee!). In the afternoons, I took a Master’s class with Brad Watson. I spent my mornings and evenings doing my homework, a little bit of art, a lot of photography, and a boat load of editing. I finished my second round of edits of Finding the Ruby Slippers and hopefully the final edits to Your Pilates Life. Finding the Ruby Slippers is now with beta readers and Your Pilates Life is with my editor who is doing a final quick check of the formatting. Also, Stealing the Ruby Slippers is no longer enrolled in Amazon’s exclusive program, and will soon be available across all digital formats.

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