Pintersting this week

If you haven’t joined Pinterest yet, do it now. And just know that you are going to lose a good hour or two (or five) on the site each day.

While purusing the other night, I started seeing all of these images that seemed to go well with Home, the book I’m currently working on. So I grabbed them and started a new board. I realized that I can use Pinterest to create vision boards. (Yes, maybe I’m a little slow sometimes. Don’t judge.)

Here’s the thing: I love the idea of vision boards, but hate making them. The magazines I have on hand are either ones I don’t want to tear up or, if I want to tear them up, it’s because there is nothing left in them I want. Plus, vision boards are all about pictures. I get most of my pictures online. And I hate the mess of cutting, tearing, gluing, etc. This is perfect for me! So I started grabbing pictures for my book. I’ve only done Ashley, but I’d like to do one for each of the main characters and one for the book as a whole.

Then, this morning, I was looking at my Google Reader and my mentor talked about this very thing. And she quite literally wrote the book on vision boarding your novel.

This got me thinking…could I maybe possibly make a vision board for me too? Gasp! I might actually enjoy this.

*The link back for the photo doesn’t work. If it’s yours, please email me at amandamichellemoon dot com and I’d be happy to give you credit and a back link!


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