Best writing resolution I have read (so far)

So, I’m a bit behind with my Google Reader.  Right now, I have 410 unread items.  Before your head starts spinning, let me say that I subscribed to something like six blogs today, so right off the top there are sixty posts right there.  And I subscribe to Design*Sponge, which I love, but which posts multiple times a day.  So that right there accounts for…oh…wait…they’ve slowed a bit for the holidays.  That’s only 30.  So, all in all, I’m only behind by about 300.  Luckily, I read fast.  And the kids are finally asleep.

Anyway…on Ask Allison Sarah Jio gives her 2012 writing resolutions.  This one really stuck with me.

Write every day, even if it’s just 10 words: I’ve found that writing is a lot like exercise. If I take too many days off, I’m stiff and exhausted when I try to jump back in. I lack the focus and energy to power through a challenging chapter or scene. But when I open my work-in-progress daily, even if it’s only to write a single sentence and to say hi to my characters, I feel as if I’m still in the story, the rhythm of the project.

Since leaving my day job a little over a month ago, I haven’t written every day, but I’ve written most days.  And let me tell you, I can attest to the fact that writing is easier the more you do it. SERIOUSLY. I promise.

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