December 30

Yesterday by the numbers was fantastic. 735 calorie deficit.  And I gave myself a hard enough reformer workout that my abs are sore today.  Sore!  It’s really hard for me to push myself hard enough to leave me sore.  It’s a great feeling!

Because I was introduced, trained, certified, and used to teach on Balanced Body equipment, I became kind of a reformer snob.  If it was BB, it wasn’t worth it. While I still hold Balanced Body as the equipment ideal for everything else to be measured against, the Aero reformer that my sister-in-law got from QVC and passed on to me is so much better than I expected!  Yes, there are a few things that I don’t like about it- it’s a bit narrow, and the footbar and shoulder rests don’t lock in place- but, considering that most home Pilates practitioners are not going to be trying reverse long stretch or snake twist, it’s really a great machine for the money.  I’m going to build myself a box, and I have to figure out where I should keep it because right now it’s taking up too much space in our living room, but I am so happy to have it and have the opportunity to do reformer work everyday again!

By the numbers;

  • Burned: 2778 (one hour reformer, hour long walk with hubby, and trip to the science center with the kids)
  • Consumed: 2043
  • Deficit: 735

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